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Pricey power bills are out. Long hot showers are in!

Say no to dreaded cold showers this winter and a big hello to savings on your power bill with the new Hot Water Heat Pump from Exceed. Designed to provide efficient hot water heating in New Zealand’s climate conditions, this revolutionary new product is proven to reduce annual water heating costs by up to a whopping 66% - got you listening?

With a reliable hot water supply and quick recovery, it’s ideal for families or housemates using a lot of hot water - or for people who just enjoy long, hot showers, especially during these chilly winter months. Manufactured and supplied by NZ Power Saver and sold by HPAC, Exceed Hot Water Heat Pumps are simple to use with the press of a button and come complete with a three-year warranty.

They’re cheaper to run than electric, gas and solar water heating, are easily installed in new and existing homes as they can be connected to most types of water cylinders in good condition, meanwhile its innovative, energy-conserving technology means you’re doing your bit for the environment.

It’s time to get in hot water. But not with your power company. Contact us to find out more!


See how it works:

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