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The Building

A two storey 280m2 mixed use building constructed using a series of steel cubes welded together, fitted with timber floors and special exterior panels for cladding. The building includes three recording studios on the ground floor with office space on the first floor and is run by CHART Christchurch Music Industry Trust.

The Challenge

  • As the end client was a Trust the budget for the job was small and so a cost effective solution for heating, cooling and ventilation that meets council and building code requirements, with low on-going running costs was a must.
  • With the ground floor being used for recording studios the ventilation had to meet the airflow required for the building code without creating any noise.
  • The constraints of the building’s unique construction style meant that there was limited space to run services and ducting. The ventilation and air conditioning systems selected would need to fit into these constraints.

HPAC's Solution

  • A balanced heat recovery ventilator from Air Change was selected for the ventilation. This extracts stale air from the building, and replaces it with filtered outside air. A heat exchanger allows heat energy to be recovered, removing the need for an electric heater and providing a low cost, healthy environment.
  • To create a noise free environment in each of the recording studios attention was paid to the amount of air that was to be delivered and thus what size ducting and outlets would be required. A special diffuser and side entry box was created, to fit with the shape of the acoustic panelling.
  • A Daikin Ceiling Cassette and two Daikin High Walls were used, as the construction did not allow for large equipment to be built in. Along with the duct work from the ventilation system they were installed in an exposed style which matched with the buildings aesthetic.

The Outcome

  • The Beat Box now has an energy efficient ventilation system, providing a healthy environment, exceeding all the necessary building regulations and with a running cost of as little as one dollar a day.
  • The special air diffusers and side entry boxes that were created allowed more than the enough air to flow them and into each of the recording studios without creating any excess noise.
  • The air conditioners installed have fitted in to the building’s design nicely, are providing a high level of comfort for the occupants and running at low cost.

From heat pumps, ventilation to hot water heat pumps and underfloor heating, we’ve got a solution for every season.

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