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1. What is " defrost mode"?

All heat pumps will perform a defrost cycle eventually when operating in cold winter conditions. The defrost mode removes ice build up from the outdoor unit. In defrost mode the heat pump stops heating for short periods. Some heat pump brands spend longer in defrost than others. Book a free in-home consultation with HPAC, our expert will help you choose the heat pump you get more heat and less defrost cycles, which means less overall power usage and higher, real energy efficiency.


 2. Do I have to cover my heat pump in the winter?

No, do not cover your heat pump in winter! To function properly, a heat pump needs to pull in the outdoor air through the side vents and exhaust through the top of the unit. If you cover your heat pump, it may not operate as designed and may cause damage to the system.  


3. Sometimes in Winter cold air comes from the heat pump – what can we do?

• First check the fan setting

• If the fan is on low or quiet setting, you will only get about 1/4 of the heat the heat pump is capable of delivering.

• Make sure the Fan setting is on “Auto” or “high”.

• Check that the Mode setting is on the “Heat” setting.

• If the outside temperatures are very low sometimes the heat pump will go into defrost mode.

• Try using the timer to turn on the heat pump in the morning before you get up, or leave the heat pump on 16 degrees overnight.



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