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Ducted Systems

Also known as 'central heating', ducted systems are one of the best ways of heating or cooling a whole house through discrete vents mounted in the ceiling.

All the hardware is located out of sight in the roof cavity and outside the house so there is nothing to detract from the homes decorating or internal fittings. Effective heating and cooling is achieved from a well considered design which is tailored for each individual house. In consultation with you the homeowner, we will determine which system is best for you and design it around your lifestyle and usage of the house.


A ducted system can also include some zone controlling to turn some rooms on or off further increasing the overall comfort level of the house and helping to reduce the total running cost. A heat recovery ventilation system can also be incorporated directly into the ducted system to provide continuous clean fresh air to house without losing all the valuable heat energy that you have already paid for.

Ducted system benefits

  • They’re virtually invisible; all you ever see are subtle grills in the ceiling and the control pad on the wall
  • You can have some control in individual zones of your home, enjoying a consistent total temperature around your whole home from one central system


Please note prices vary depending on the type and brand of ducted system chosen and include installation.

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