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Heat Recovery / Ventilation Systems

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Many homes have issues with condensation due to poor ventilation, and a damp home is one that’s hard to heat.


A heat recovery/ventilation system brings outside air into the house while recovering the existing heat via a heat exchanger. This allows the house to be fully ventilated without throwing away valuable heat that has already been paid for.


Heat/energy recovery ventilation

These systems work by extracted stale air from inside your house to remove dampness, odours, dust and bacteria, etc. This air is then replaced with filtered outside air. But where these systems get really clever is with their environmentally friendly ‘heat exchanger’. Put simply, energy within the air being removed is recovered and used to pre-heat (or pre-cool) the outside air being vented in.


  • Very cost-effective to run
  • Better for your keeping a constant climate in your home, cutting the number of air changes in a non-airtight home by half
  • Can retain up to as much as 75% of the heat that would normally be lost through ventilation alone
  • Reduces energy lost through ventilation by about 65%
  • Healthy breathing environment; this system extracts pollutants from your home without letting in pollens and dust from outside
  • Helps with heat recovery, distributing fresh heated air around your house instead of just having the heat in one room



Positive pressure ventilation

Very common in NZ in existing homes, positive pressure ventilation systems work by taking air from the roof space and filtering and pumping it into the main living areas via ducting and vents or self-contained ceiling vents that have their own built-in fans. At the same time, this pushes out old air through small gaps and openings in the building envelope, transforming a stagnant atmosphere into a healthy and lower-condensation environment.



  • Relatively cheap to buy
  • Easy to install as everything can be mounted in the roof space with a power source and ducts in central locations
  • Cheap to run

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daikin ventilation

Our innovative ventilation solution expel polluted air in a room and introduce outside air through a filter so that you can enjoy fresh air indoors.

lossnay kid

Mitsubishi Electric - Vertical Lossnay Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation

The slimline, vertical VL250 Lossnay Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation System provides the ultimate in energy efficient ventilation to ensure your home has a constant supply of healthy, fresh air. With its small upright footprint, it can be placed in the garage or a utility cupboard and is not limited to an in-roof installation. Outside air and return air ducts are located on the right side. Air volume: 69l/s (Fan Speed 4). (WxDxH, mm) 595 x 356 x 565. Weight: 26kg. Duct size: 122mm. Operated by the simple to use backlit LCD controller located on the right side with Automatic Summer Bypass.

Vertical Lossnay Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation

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