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Pool Heating & Indoor Pool Ventilation

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Extend your season and enjoying your heated swimming pool for longer. 

If you are thinking or planning on building a pool you'll need to think about heating and if indoor, ventilation. We can help you navigate what options are best for you.  

Heat Pump Pool Heating

By heating your swimming pool you can swim throughout the year instead of just the summer months. With a hot water heat pump you can set a temperature in your swimming pool regardless of the weather conditions. You can maintain your pool temperature between a toasty 26 °C and 30 °C. 


  • Energy Efficient with Inverter Technology
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy operation with colour touch screen
  • Super quiet operation

Indoor Pool Ventilation

Indoor pool ventilation and heat recovery systems are the ideal solution for indoor swimming pools, keeping condensation and moisture under control at all times.

Indoor swimming pools must be ventilated, either naturally or by mechanical means depending on size.

Ventilation is necessary to control temperature, humidity and overall indoor moisture, creating a enjoyable environment for all pool users and protecting the building from moisture damage.


  • Maintain a consistent air temperature
  • Minimise condensation
  • Reduce moisture damage to the building
  • Control humidity levels

From heat pumps, ventilation to hot water heat pumps and underfloor heating, we’ve got a solution for every season.

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