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Underfloor Heating

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Get the right underfloor heating solution

Get the level of comfort and control you’d expect from your underfloor heating investment. We are one of the leading suppliers and installers of the latest generation of heat pump hydronic underfloor heating systems and will design and tailor a system to suit your new house plans.

An underfloor hydronic heat pump system will typically use less than ¼ of the electricity of a similar sized electric element underfloor heating system making it the smart choice when considering your options for underfloor heating.

Furthermore, along with heating your entire home from the ground up, a heat pump hydronic underfloor heating system can also heat your hot water, potentially reducing those costs by up to 66%!

How does underfloor heating work?

Before a concrete slab is poured water pipe circuits are installed in the areas you want heated. These pipes are heated by an air-to-water heat pump, which works similarly to an ordinary heat pump except instead of heating the air in your house heat energy is passed to the underfloor water circuits via a heat pump.

Underfloor heating benefits

  • Fully concealed within the floor offering a great look for your home, and take up no living space
  • Because they spread under the whole room there's a consistent temperature, no warm and/or cold spots
  • They work well at a lower temperature, which reduces the amount of electricity needed to operate it
  • Good heating option for allergy sufferers as it's not blowing air and dust around. Plus, dust mites don't like the floor temperature so you'll have fewer issues with them

From heat pumps, ventilation to hot water heat pumps and underfloor heating, we’ve got a solution for every season.

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