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3 HVAC Must-Dos in Springs

As we move out of winter and closer to summer, the last hurdle before consistent beach weather is Springs. A time of year where the sun can be shining one day, and storm clouds are dumping rain the next, keeping your home the right temperature can get tricky to put it lightly.

Pair the changing temperature and humidity with the allergens and dust we can expect as it gets warmer and you can understand why this time of year is a nightmare for some of us. Here’s a few things to check if you’re looking to effectively manage your home this Spring.


Take a look at your heat pump

Because of the varying temperatures, we can expect at this time of year, you can expect your heat pump to be working harder than it does in summer or winter. With that in mind, we recommend you schedule its yearly service before spring begins. Getting the filters checked and having any parts that have worn down replaced will only serve you well as the weather gets warmer. To book a service or find out more about what they involve. 

Check your home’s ventilation

In early autumn we can expect cold mornings, warm afternoons and cool evenings. For your home, especially for your windows, this change in temperature throughout the day = condensation. Moisture inside your home not only attracts mould, but it lowers the internal temperature and means that your heat pump is working harder as a result.

A proper heat/energy recovery ventilation system solves this problem by extracting damp air, odours and dust from your home. The energy recovery aspect refers to the fact that these systems can also use the energy from the air it’s removing to pre-heat or cool the outside air being vented in – perfect for the temperature changes we can expect throughout the day. Find out more about our range of ventilation systems.

Consider an air purifier

Plenty of us dread spring because it means dust and pollen that flares up hay fever, asthma and a range of other allergies. If you suffer from any of these problems that come up as we move out of summer, it’s worth thinking about installing one of our air purifiers. Our Daikin purifiers feature a 6-layer system that eliminates bacteria, allergens, pollen and airborne particles so that you can breathe easy.  Talk to our experts if you’d like more information.

From heat pumps, ventilation to hot water heat pumps and underfloor heating, we’ve got a solution for every season.

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