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Feeling an office slump? It could be the temperature bringing you down.

The working environment is a subject of much contention. Steve from accounts heats his leftover fish in the microwave, Helen has A LOT of breaks to fetch cups of tea, when Piri gets nervous he taps his foot loudly, and don’t even get me started on the volume of Lou’s music everyone can hear clearly through his headphones.

But while you may not be able to have much impact on your staff’s more, individual, habits, you can have an impact on their productivity by controlling the temperature of your office environment.

Agreeing on the optimum temperature for your office space has been subject to much speculation, investigation and, well, playing with the heating remote.

Luckily for those reading this, we have tracked down what is widely regarded as the definitive answer to the question: “What is the optimum temperature for your office space?”

According to some researchers at a few different universities - an office temperature of around 23.5C is the sweet, sweet spot of improved productivity. Well, okay okay we merged a few studies to get that single figure. But what the studies we looked at told us, was:

22C is the definitive figure

A Helsinki University of Technology and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study in 2006 found the ideal office temperature to be 22C. These researchers found staff working in the office environment performed better at this temperature over the duration of the month-long study.

No, 25 is a better temperature

Following the Helsinki study, researchers at Cornell University thought they would have their own study.

They found the ideal temperature to actually be hotter - a balmy 25C in fact. In their study, the researchers noticed workers were typing 100 percent of the time at this temp, with only a 10 percent margin of error.

When they dropped the temperature to 18C, productivity almost halved to 54 percent and errors increased to 25 percent.

So what is the right temperature?

Well, it seems heating your office anywhere between 22C and 25C is the sweet spot for keeping your staff toasty, comfortable and on top of their game.

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