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Splitting hairs over split heat pumps? Let us explain.

Single and multi-splits may sound like components of an impressive gymnastic routine, but they are in fact different types of heat pump installations.

Single split heat pumps refer to a heat pump setup with one indoor unit and one outdoor unit, while multi-split heat pumps refer to setups with one outdoor unit and multiple indoor units.

Why do you need to know this?

It’s important to choose the right setup for your requirements - whether you need to heat a well insulated family home or want to have different temperatures in multiple rooms.

Now we’ve got that covered, let’s run through the benefits and considerations of each setup model.

Single Splits

The single split setup is the most common choice for New Zealand homeowners - and it is this way for a reason. Choosing single split gives you the option of buying the most efficient models for each brand (because options for multi-split units are often more limited). 

Another benefit of choosing single split heat pump setups is if your outdoor unit has an issue - only the one indoor unit is affected. This is not the case for multi-split setups, where any outdoor unit issues can impact all indoor units. Single splits are recommended for heating three or less rooms, so if you want to raise the mercury in any more than that, you will be looking at high power bills or may want to consider installing multi-split, or more than one single split setups. And if you do choose more than one single split heat pump setup, you will have more than one outdoor unit - a reality which you may want to incorporate into your design aesthetics.

Multi Splits 

The new kids on the block, multi-splits, are growing in popularity. Multiple indoor units connected to one outdoor unit provides the flexibility their name suggests. 

Ideal for heating and cooling a wide range of rooms, multi-split heat pump setups are great for also creating different temperatures in different rooms. Overall, multi-splits provide choice for your heating - instead of depending on one unit to heat multiple areas, you can choose the individual climates. Multi splits can also be more cost-effective compared to the cost of two single split units, while also only have one outdoor unit to cater for. While one outdoor unit may be more pleasant to look at, it also means if there is an issue - both indoor units could be affected.

There is a wide variety of multi-splits available, however, some may be limited in features and efficiency when compared to the single split units.

The verdict?

Before you install either setup, make sure to check you’ve got the right insulation to keep your room at that 18C sweet spot without a crazy power bill. Whichever you decide, remember heat pumps are amongst the most energy-efficient forms of heating available.

But if you’re still not sure, please get in touch with us to speak with our expert technicians for the solution tailored to you. You can also download our free guide to choosing the right heating solution for your home below! 



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