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The ins and outs of ducted heat pump systems

Ducted heat pump systems are an energy efficient central heating solution for the modern home. They’re becoming more and more popular, particularly with new builds so let’s look at what makes them so desirable.

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How they work

Ducted heat pump systems disperse air through discreet vents mounted in the ceiling. The system usually consists of indoor vents, an outdoor unit and flexible ducting. 

They’re very discreet

You’ll hardly notice it’s there! Not only are ducted systems ultra quiet, the only part of the system that you see is the subtle vents in the ceiling and the control pad on the wall. All the rest of the hardware is located out of sight in the roof cavity and outside the house.

Unlike a traditional heat pump that’s mounted on the wall or floor, ducted systems take up no living space and they don’t distract from the beautiful aesthetics of your home’s interior styling.

They’re versatile

This is a complete home heating and air conditioning solution. With the ability to heat and cool your home it’s useful year round.

Temperature control

Unlike single or multi split heat pumps, which you strategically place where you need heating, ducted systems service the whole house. You can also add zone control to turn on and off rooms depending whether they are being used.

Even temperature

They provide a very even heat so you won’t find any noticeably cool or hot spots around your home with a ducted system. Set the temperature and let the thermostat do the rest.

Bespoke design for absolute perfection

While a traditional heat pump is still chosen specifically for your home and heating needs (when you engage a professional specialist, of course!), the unit itself is what it is. With a ducted system, it is designed and customised to perfectly suit the size and layout of your home.

They are easily integrated with a ventilation system for the ultimate home heating and ventilation solution.


This could be considered the less exciting part of a ducted system. Yes, they are more expensive than a single or multi-split heat pump, but consider what you’re getting for your money; as a much bigger, more comprehensive solution, it’s all relative really. Plus they add value to your home, not to mention luxuriousness and comfort. 

Ducted systems are an excellent option to consider if you’re building new, but they can also be retrofitted as long as there is adequate space in the ceiling or under the floor.

What’s right for your home?

Ducted heat pump systems need to be designed properly by a professional who knows what they’re doing or you won’t get the best performance from it. 

Effective heating and cooling is achieved from a well-considered design, which is tailored for each individual house. That’s why we come to your place to properly assess what your best options are.

We are Canterbury’s home heating specialists and have been keeping families warm since 1986. We have great local knowledge and industry experience, so you can be sure whatever we suggest will give you the best outcomes.

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Servicing your ducted system

HPAC Energy Centre is an authorised dealer for Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Fujitsu and Gree heat pump systems in Christchurch, and the wider Canterbury region.

We provide full service and preventative maintenance options for Daikin heat pumps & air conditioners for maximising the life of your equipment, ensuring full efficient operation, reducing call outs, providing early warning for potential repairs and protecting your warranty. 

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From heat pumps, ventilation to hot water heat pumps and underfloor heating, we’ve got a solution for every season.

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